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Workin' the streets in Hanoi

Our last stop in Vietnam was Hanoi. It’s a very large, chaotic city that somehow manages to maintain a little bit of charm. At the heart of the city lies Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake is small; you can walk around it in about 30 minutes, but it’s the heart and soul of the city. At all times of the day you’ll find locals walking around the lake or just sitting quitely on a bench. In the early morning and evenings you’ll find them doing their Tai Chi as they enjoy the peacefulness of the lake. It brings a small town feel to a very bustling area.

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Vietnam: Travel tips

Who's got two thumbs and a Dikpala at his back? This guy right here does.

We loved travelling around in Vietnam, then again we didn’t travel by road for most of our journey, although we did do several day trips.

1) If you are taking a bus anywhere, get a seat on the right hand side (opposite the driver) as you will be shielded from all the honking on the drivers side.  Cars passing the bus in either direction will often honk vigorously as they pass, which can disturb your sleep.  Don’t expect too much sleep while riding in a vehicle as the roads are bumpy, and your head will bounce around alot.

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Bhaya Cruise

The charming boat we stayed on, named the Bhaya.

We did an overnight cruise through Halong Bay, yet another World Heritage Site famous for its thousands of limestone rock formations and islands. I can’t describe the beauty of the area, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Hue: Easy Rider

Random Statue face to grab your attention.

Unfortunately we had to leave Hoi’an after 2 nights to stay on schedule.  We hired a car and driver to drive us up to Hue to visit for a few days.  The trip took some crazy winding roads, and as usual… the driving is crazy.  The right lane on a two lane road seems like it is primarily motor bikes, if there is a break in them (and there usually isn’t) a car will pull into it to let someone pass, otherwise the faster car passes in the oncoming traffic lane.  The car honking is a way to comunicate to one another, as I don’t think the drivers use the review mirrors all that much.

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Rain Rain Go Away, We Want to Enjoy Hoi An On A Sunny Day!

Welcome to Hoi An!

Hoi An is an adorable little town on the East coast about 1/2 way between Saigon and Hanoi, that absolutely oozes quaintness.  It is referred to as the “ancient city” and has been named an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we love it! The streets are lined with tailor shops waiting to make you clothing, shoes, handbags or anything else your heart desires. A river runs through the center of town and several small sandy-beached islands lie in the outskirts. You could easily spend a week here lazing around and relaxing while waiting for a tailor to complete your new wardrobe. Or, you could do what we did and try to squeeze everything in in just 2 days.

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Greetings from Saigon!

Eric enjoying a ride on the Mekong River

AAAHHH, at last we arrive in Southeast Asia! Tackling 4 major cities in a row in China was a bit much for us, and we are ready for some quiet country-side culture and warm weather! We kick off the last month of our adventure in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon. The two names are used interchangeably).

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