Summer ’13 coming to an end!

Well, the summer was full of sun and fun, like they should be. I got to go on Paternity for all of July and we headed over to Coeur d’Alene to visit family for a couple weeks in August. Elsa got into the lake for the first time, and she didn’t care for it. Here are the pics from that time.

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16 weeks in!

I added some more pictures to the smugmug site.

New Addition!

Elsa Jane was born April 3rd, 2013. Its hard to believe that she is over a month old now. To make it easy to find the pics, we are throwing it here. Enjoy!

Happy Fall!

Summer’s almost here!

The grilling season has been going on for quite some time now, looks like I need to refill the propane tank. Work around the house has kept a steady flow of maintenance chores to keep me busy each weekend. I’ll have to post the before and after shots I took.Jane is still recovering from what we are calling Friendapalouza. We had a rotating set of guests stopping and staying with us. A good time was definately had by all. I got a new camera, its a full frame digital, that has amazing resolution. I’ve been spending whatever miscellaneous time I have had trying to learn to use it well. If you dig into this post, you can see several images from the same master shot.

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Spring flying by!

Hanging out in the Earthquake machine!

April is almost over!  It seems hard to find time to put what we have been doing, when all in all its not a lot.  Living in Kirkland now, I’ve been spending every weekend working out in the yard.  Tons of stuff to do to try to get it back under control.   We have also had the weather to be actually enjoy this.  Since my last post, my friend Jhavid came into town as his sister had a baby.  It was good seeing him as always, I just wish it was more often.  While he was here, Jane took him ring shopping for an engagement ring.

We also headed down to Hood River to see the Hawks. Savanah had a play that she was performing in and did great.  We stopped by Portland and visited the Science center there.  The kids enjoyed mucking about with all the different displays.

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A little something for Friday

Some Rice patties outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Not going to write a ton here, just figured I would upload some pics the few of you who actually check this site may appreciate.

Jane and I have been looking for a house since we sold ours back in November.  The market was pretty stale through the winter, but it appears its picking up.  Who knows how long it will take, as we want to find a place that really feels like home.  Anyhow, here are some more pics.

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Happy 2012!!

A Shipment of Coffee from Vietnam arrived today!

2012 is off to a good start!  Jane started ordering this coffee back in early October, and finally managed to break through the communication barrier and ordering difficulties.  I have to say, Im pretty excited about it as its a really smooth and non acidic coffee.  I had a Kilo and a half of this brand sent home when we were in Hanoi.  750g of Moka, which contains a % of Robusta beans which made it potent and 750g of this ‘Weasel’ coffee, which has a very unique way of being processed.  Pretty gross as well when described, I wont bother as I try not to remind myself when Im drinking it.  All I will say is that the Civets know when the bean is ready!

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The end of 2011

2011 was a wonderful year for us.  Starting off with returning from our Honeymoon, it took us a while to get back into the swing of things. I dont think I could pick up my camera until the summer time, due to lack of desire.  Having 13k pictures taken on our trip and carrying it around with us everyday took a bit of a toll on me.

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Bangkok: The end of this journey

Our last day in Bagkok.

Wow, looks like we missed a couple months of any kind of update.  Its time to wrap up our wonderful Honeymoon with the last stop: Bangkok!  We had arranged to stay at a place that was away from the tourist area.  It really came down to having he right price.  The emails Jane exchanged with the place were well written, and friendly, so it sealed the deal.

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