Hanging out in the Earthquake machine!

April is almost over!  It seems hard to find time to put what we have been doing, when all in all its not a lot.  Living in Kirkland now, I’ve been spending every weekend working out in the yard.  Tons of stuff to do to try to get it back under control.   We have also had the weather to be actually enjoy this.  Since my last post, my friend Jhavid came into town as his sister had a baby.  It was good seeing him as always, I just wish it was more often.  While he was here, Jane took him ring shopping for an engagement ring.

We also headed down to Hood River to see the Hawks. Savanah had a play that she was performing in and did great.  We stopped by Portland and visited the Science center there.  The kids enjoyed mucking about with all the different displays.

Here are a couple more….

Getting serious with chemical structures.


Brett and Aida.

And Hav gets the bottom.

Who is the Hoff guy?