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Bangkok: The end of this journey

Our last day in Bagkok.

Wow, looks like we missed a couple months of any kind of update.  Its time to wrap up our wonderful Honeymoon with the last stop: Bangkok!  We had arranged to stay at a place that was away from the tourist area.  It really came down to having he right price.  The emails Jane exchanged with the place were well written, and friendly, so it sealed the deal.

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Heaven on Earth

Celebrating reaching our 21st foreign country!

After 3 months of go, go, going, we were definitely ready for some R & R. We spent 6 glorious days on Salad beach on Phangan island. The weather wasn’t the best – lots of wind and rain, but we didn’t care! That just gave us an excuse to do nothing but eat delicious thai food and drink yummy beachy drinks! Throw in a bit of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and the occasional massage, and you’ve got heaven on earth! Life is good!

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Chiang Mai and the Children’s Shelter Foundation

On a bike ride with kids from the Shelter Foundation

Chiang Mai is where we spent Christmas ~ yes, I realize how far behind we are on this blog! We didn’t decide to go to Thailand until two days before Christmas. Travel trip #72: if you plan to go to Thailand for Christmas, PLAN AHEAD! It is a huge destination for Europeans and we had a hard time finding a place to stay. I must have emailed at least 20 places before finding something. As always though, it ended up working out. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sitting 'round the Christmas tree.

We just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas!! 

Here we are in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai.  I may have gotten a sunburn.  Surprisingly, there are a fair amount of christmas decorations and people with ‘Santa’ hats on.  Ahh, what they do for the tourist dollar.  We are currently staying at a place with 40 some kids that live at the Children’s Shelter.  They either were abandoned or the parents couldn’t afford to raise them.  We got to see them have a Christmas eve party last night, and today we went to watch them dance at a local church, before watching a play all in Thai. 

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