Sitting 'round the Christmas tree.

We just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas!! 

Here we are in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai.  I may have gotten a sunburn.  Surprisingly, there are a fair amount of christmas decorations and people with ‘Santa’ hats on.  Ahh, what they do for the tourist dollar.  We are currently staying at a place with 40 some kids that live at the Children’s Shelter.  They either were abandoned or the parents couldn’t afford to raise them.  We got to see them have a Christmas eve party last night, and today we went to watch them dance at a local church, before watching a play all in Thai. 

The sun shining bright on us.

 I really couldn’t tell what was going on in the play.  The gist I got from it was that the cast were supposed to be puppets.  One was unlucky or unconfident and was challenged by another puppet that everyone liked.  The one that everyone liked won the competition.  Then a girl sang to the unlucky puppet, he talked to some normal person, and the popular puppet got beatten down.  I dunno, it was wierd.

A strange play.

 We walked around town after the play, and saw a few other oddities.  People were lighting off large mortar fireworks to celebrate Christmas.  There was also a concert set up in one of the parks that had a chior singing holiday songs.  After the chior finished they seemed to be doing some kind of pagaent with girls dressed in “Sexy Santa” clothes.

Merry Christmas!!