The charming boat we stayed on, named the Bhaya.

We did an overnight cruise through Halong Bay, yet another World Heritage Site famous for its thousands of limestone rock formations and islands. I can’t describe the beauty of the area, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Enjoying lunch while cruising through the bay.

A massive cave. Probably the deepest cave we've ever been in.

A junk boat cruising through the islands.

Stunning rock formations!


We took hundreds of photos like this!

Kayaking! (notice Eric is ready to knock me out of the boat!)

Night fishing for squid ~ didn't catch any though.

Pirates of the Bay

These ladies took us to a tiny floating village.

The ladies row tourists back and forth all day long. I wonder what the men are doing??

Floating village. There are maybe about 30-40 homes in the village.

Village school.

The classroom.

Spectacular sunset on the Bay!