We made it!  We are happy to have arrived home safely and grateful to find that our house is still standing, but  it’s been very bittersweet for us. We had the absolute best time and loved every single minute of our trip & we weren’t ready for it to end! We are very excited to see our family and friends, but we were sad to leave Asia & can’t wait to go back!

We’ve been dealing with some serious jetlag.  We’re both wide awake at all the wrong hours, and can’t seem to keep our eyes open during the right hours.  During our brief periods of wakefulness we’ve been sorting through globs of mail, 98% of which is junk, and trying to come to the sad realization that our trip of a lifetime has come to an end and now we’re back to real life. Boohoo!

We haven’t quite finished blogging about Thailand, so stay tuned for a bit of back-blogging…..