Today wrapped up our last day in Amsterdam for this segment of our trip.  We will be back in November and January to freeze our collective butts off!  Its been quite chilly here, and neither Jane nor I packed for the cold.  I mean, its not like we are going to China in November or anything!  Tomorrow, we leave for South Africa, its going to be an early morning flight, and Jane and I have not been sleeping so well.  Yuck!  11 hours of air time.

Today, we hit up the Rembrandt house, the Old Church, and a place called Museum Geelvinck… oh and Jane hit up a couple shoe stores…/sigh.  Im proud of her though, she hasn’t spent a single dime.  This was my second trip to the Rembrandt house, and it was better this time than the first.  They had added a bunch of small little things, including a little fake cell phone that worked as an audio guide for you.  We didn’t see many of his paintings, but we did see several of his etchings, the work that he did is really amazing.  I would definately recommend someone interested in this type of thing to visit it if they find themselves in Amsterdam.

The Old Church(yes, thats its name) is a church built in the 1600’s, I really didnt gather too much information on it, other than alot of people were buried there and they were busy ripping up some of the graves inside the building with power machinery while they were doing some kind of massive overhaul of the area.  Either that, or they thought there was some kind of Indiana Jones treasure down there, which would be more entertaining.

The last place we went, was this place called the Museum Geelvinck, awesome name aside, it sucked.  Totally overpriced.  It cost 7EU a piece to get in, and while I appreciate the size of the inner garden of the place, it seemed like a large waste of space in the middle of the city.   Most of the information on the sheets inside were just bragging about how rich this family was/is(?) and really brought no value to the observer.  It consisted of two houses with a garden in between.  Anyhow, don’t waste your time on this thing is you come to Amsterdam.  There are plenty of other things to waste it on, like food.  We haven’t been able to pay less than 10EU for a meal.  We just ate at a fast food asian place, an it was still 15EU.

Anyhow, still having a good time, despite complaining about the prices!  Here is a photo of the stairway down from our attic abode!  Notice the hatch action.

Steep Climb

Steps to our attic abode