Its funny how a 2 hour nap can turn into a 7 hour sleep.  Sometimes alarms aren’t worth anything.

Aside from that, today we visited the house of Anne Frank and roamed the city a bit.  Anne Franks house was interesting, its hard to imagine any of the events that occurred there.  I will be honest here, I didn’t ever read her diary, although I was aware of who she was and generally her story.  I wasn’t aware that her father survived to make this all happen, I had always thought that her diary was just found.  From everything that I saw there, it seemed that her diary really gave a face and narrative to the persecution of the Jewish people during WWII.   While there are hundreds of thousands of stories, only a few are really documented.

On a brighter note the sun came out and we visited Vondelpark, a large park with winding trails and some small ponds.  It has a film museum there, but we just took a walk through the park instead.  We did a large loop through the park, and I can only imagine how nice it must be in a hot summer day. 

This really is a pretty city, we wandered around for a good portion of the day today.  The closer you get to the city center, the more populated it seems to get.  We were a few blocks out of it, and the street was almost abandoned of people.  Its amazing to me how many people bicycle around.  There are bicycle racks everywhere for people to park.  It seems very clean and I have felt safer here than walking around downtown Seattle.

One bad thing about our room… I think the previous renters recently puked in the hallway getting up to our room, the stench can still be detected.

hdr shot of Wester Markt church
Wester markt church near Anne Franks house.