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Heaven on Earth

Celebrating reaching our 21st foreign country!

After 3 months of go, go, going, we were definitely ready for some R & R. We spent 6 glorious days on Salad beach on Phangan island. The weather wasn’t the best – lots of wind and rain, but we didn’t care! That just gave us an excuse to do nothing but eat delicious thai food and drink yummy beachy drinks! Throw in a bit of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and the occasional massage, and you’ve got heaven on earth! Life is good!

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Chiang Mai and the Children’s Shelter Foundation

On a bike ride with kids from the Shelter Foundation

Chiang Mai is where we spent Christmas ~ yes, I realize how far behind we are on this blog! We didn’t decide to go to Thailand until two days before Christmas. Travel trip #72: if you plan to go to Thailand for Christmas, PLAN AHEAD! It is a huge destination for Europeans and we had a hard time finding a place to stay. I must have emailed at least 20 places before finding something. As always though, it ended up working out. Read the rest of this entry »